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Residents can utilize Mobiilikunta service to access local news, events, weather and services and get emergency messages into their mobile devices in real time. Similarly, residents can easily send feedback and service requests to the municipality. The service is designed to be easy to install and use. Automation also ensures that the service does not increase the workload of the city's personnel.

The city can select only the features that meet their demand. It is also easy to expand the service with new features later on.

News News of the city reach residents in real-time.
Events I addition to residents, also tourists can easily access the information about current events.
Weather The service provides local weather information and forecasts.
Services Residents will quickly find the contact information of local public services. It is easy to make calls, open the service's website and look at the service location on map from the service view.
Urgent messaging An easy to use mass media which improves the safety of the residents during emergency and disaster situations.
Activities It is easy to find information about free time activities and sights.
Service requests Residents can easily send service requests about the public infrastructure.
Feedback Residents can easily send feedback to the city.
Prefilled forms Application can prefill contact information into e-forms from application settings.
Custom layout and style The layout and style will be implemented based on the visual design and style of the city.
Additional languages The service can support multiple languages.

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